The Simulator is the centerpiece of the training and sets us apart from any other training.


Sailing For Blondes



Patent Pending  

Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as “Good”



The Leading Edge Hands-On Learning Tool for Learning the Points-of-Sail and How to Sail a Boat.  The simulator is precision, durable and professionally manufactured with acrylic wheels and cutouts that spin.  You can duplicate the points of sail exactly with the hands-on simulator.  It is just like being on a sailboat making the decisions of where you want to go and how to set your sails to get there. It can be purchased separately or is included with your online course.  

The 10″ x 13″ and 24″ x 36″ simulators that can be custom printed with your your yacht club or sailing club name.

The Simulator is the centerpiece of the training and sets us apart from any other training.


The patent-pending hands-on simulator will stop your confusion and intimidation about learning how to sail. The story of its humble beginnings is on the About Us page of our website.  The simulator is the centerpiece of the Sailing For Blondes 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD.

The simulator is exactly like being on a boat in that it works the same exact way. It is a beautifully manufactured tactile learning board that you can manipulate just as if you are at the helm of the boat making ALL the decisions. The purpose of The Simulator is to give you a bird’s eye view of all the angles for all of the different points of sail. It accelerates learning for your brain because it is easy to understand. You will then know how and why a boat sails.

You will understand sailing like never before with this hands-on learning tool that stops the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing.  Learn how to set your sail to the proper angle to the wind to get where you want to go.  We have lots of great reviews right here on our website!

You will feel confident about the conceptual sailing concepts that are required to sail a boat. And then, you can get on with catching the wind in your sails and sailing to where you’ve always wanted to be. 

“If it were not for the edge, where would we go?”  

                                                ~Joyce Matlock                                               


You won’t be left behind when learning with this new, leading-edge, and innovative  system. You will learn sailing concepts in a way that become a part of you. You can truly enjoy your sailing experience to the fullest by understanding how and why a boat sails.

You can banish your fears of not knowing what to do because you will understand. Then, you can be confident practicing your skills on the water. And, the simulator is water resistant and can be used on or off the boat.



  • The Simulator is exactly like being on a boat. It works the same exact way as being at the helm and making the decisions on where you want to go, how to set the sails to get there, and whether you need to tack or jibe.
  • The Simulator gives you the mental edge. The Sailing for Blondes Sailing Simulator is a hands-on learning tool that puts you in the game quickly. You will not be left behind. You will not stay confused.
  • The Simulator saves you time and money. If you plan to take an on the water sailing course, this is the understanding you will want to have before you step onto the boat so you can get your money’s worth!
  • The Simulator teaches you to sail in your brain. It will give you an exceptional learning experience that will teach you to sail in your mind. It is the way for full understanding on how to sail a boat and then you can take your knowledge to the water
  • The Simulator is great for instructors. It will be easier for you to teach sailing concepts to your students since they will have the mental understanding when they are learning on the water. It is based on transferring their knowledge of telling time to the angles in the points-of-sail.


The author and creator, Joyce Matlock, believed there was a better way to teach sailing and the points-of sail, and her simulator, online course and companion book is “it!”

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A Simple Explanation of How to Sail

Do you need FAST help? This will start you on the path to your sailing education. It’s a short overview on getting the boat ready and then sailing the boat.

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Sailing Terms and Sailboat Parts

In an easy-to-learn format. Get a jumpstart on your sailing language learning.

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Sailing for Blondes


Learn how to sail with Joyce Matlock. This course is the only hands-on sailing simulator course on the points-of-sail known to us. It is leading-edge instruction so you will learn how to sail.

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Learn the secrets to the points-of-sail and master the art of sailing.


Sailing for Blondes


Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as Good!

Have you tried reading the technical Sailing instruction books that are like reading a textbook? Were they dry, difficult or boring? Would you welcome an interesting, effective and fun book that would guide you through the points-of-sail and how to sail a boat? Get the companion book to the simulator.

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The Sailing For Blondes Book and Simulator are exceptional tools for instructors. You can teach with the large 24″ X 36″ poster-size instructor’s board with your customizable name, sailing school or yacht club name on the top. 

Your students will learn sailing concepts much faster using the simulator and the book guides you through the simulator. The precision-built simulator is available in the 10″ x 13″ size for students.

If you are an on-the-water instructor and would like to list your availability with Sailing For Blondes for students in your area, please email us at [email protected] 






 Precision-built and suitable for ONSHORE or ONBOARD use.

  Water resistant – Use in class, at home, or while sailing!

          10″ x 13″ – Student Simulators 

Note:  The 10″ x 13″ simulator is sold separately or is

included with the purchase of your online course.

                24″ x 36″ – Instructor Simulators 

 Also, contact us on special orders on  24″ x 36″ Instructor and 10″ x 13″ Student Simulators custom printed with your Sailing Club or Yacht Club name.  They can be ordered separately or with a group viewing package of the online course.

For pricing and delivery information on INSTRUCTOR SIMULATOR boards, email to:  [email protected]

                                  SAILING FOR BLONDES




The Sailing for Blondes Simulator is just like sailing a boat when you are on the water. Once your bow is on your chosen course and the sails are set, assuming that the wind direction stays constant, the boat will move forward just like a starburst line that goes to infinity.

Use this cutting edge simulator along with the book, Sailing For Blondes, The Simulator Book, Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as “Good”. The Sailing For Blondes 3 X 3 X 3 METHOD is the NEWEST way to learn to sail, first in your brain, and then by taking your knowledge to the water. The simulator makes for an exceptional and very real learning experience. You will fully learn the points-of-sail and understand exactly why the boat sails and how to sail it. You can STOP your confusion.


The purpose of the simulator is to teach you how to sail in your mind. It is a hands-on learning tool that is a must-have to go with the book. Once you learn sailing concepts, you can sail a real boat on the water for some excellent practice thereby saving you time! Dream that you are sailing with the simulator and it will become your reality on the water. Knowing the concepts is what captures your mind and keeps the thinking part of your brain addicted! Until you know this, you are just a passenger on a windy bus ride on a blue ocean for a road!

The simulator is hands-on learning and allows you to see the bird’s eye view of the angles for all of the different points of sail. The small boats show the correct sail set for each point of sail. You will line up the movable wind indicator with the wind, and move the boom/mainsail to the correct angle for any point of sail. It also allows you to tack and jibe the boat.  


The simulator closely parallels the constructivist teaching and learning theory developed by Piaget in 1977. The author has been intrigued with this theory that holds that a student cannot simply have knowledge poured into their brain by a teacher dishing out facts from the front of a classroom. Learners must create experiences in their brain by actively discovering meaning. 

All of us are familiar with Legos.  Lego has recently become one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world.  Why?  It is tactile learning that shifts the focus from simply replicating to imagination in the mind.  Hands-on, tactile learning allows for problem-solving and imagination.  Reading and workbooks are a piece of learning, however can become boring.  All children and people learn best by doing.  The simulator encourages all of this and learning to sail becomes an interesting personal experience.

The simulator is based on your already knowing how to tell time and being able to transfer that knowledge to the angles in sailing. You already know the angles because you already know how to tell time!

When using the simulator, you will spin the boat to different angles just like the hands move on a clock. It will be easy for you to see that each progressive hour on a clock equals 30 degrees. A 1:00 angle is 30 degrees, a 2:00 angle is 60 degrees. A 3:00 angle is 90 degrees exactly the same as a 9:00 angle.

The angles/distance between the bow and the wind must be understood in order to sail a boat. In order to understand “bow to wind angle”, you will be looking at the angle/distance between the bow and the wind indicator. This will let you know exactly how to set your sail to get to where you want to go. Remember that a sailboat operates like a spinner inside of a circle to change direction. It must spin as it cannot sail in reverse in order to change its direction.  

You only sail in 180 degrees on each tack because the wind is on one side of the boat or the other. The boat will either be sailing on a starboard tack or on a port tack depending on where the wind is coming from.

All of this will become very easily understood with use of the simulator.


The simulator offers creative, multiple-step problem solving opportunities on the points-of-sail that allow for thinking in the dimensions of sailing, e.g., both linear and circular.  These multiple-step problems are presented in the online course.

The book and simulator have been designed as companions and will give students a mental edge whether they want to learn to sail on their own, with friends, or by taking a formal on-the-water sailing course. If you plan to take an on-the-water sailing course, this is the understanding you will want to have BEFORE you step onto the boat. This book and simulator will give you the advantage of a mental edge that will make learning to sail a decidedly more beneficial experience no matter which path you take.

Again, it is good to remember that the book and the hands-on sailing simulator are exceptional tools for instructors and can be used on or off the boat.

The simulator encourages a learner to experiment with the thought processes they need to learn in order to make the necessary alignments of wind, course, and sail set. Then, they can readily transfer that knowledge to physically sailing a boat on the water.


The online course will put you on the fast-track for learning how to sail with the mentorship of Joyce Matlock personally teaching the course.  The online course is a LIVE CLASSROOM VIDEO so you can experience learning just as you would if you were sitting in attendance

You will be using the book and the simulator throughout the course.  She will demonstrate the use of the simulator and you will use it in each of the points-of-sail lessons.

Let it be said that all of this works together

to learn to sail twice as fast and twice as “good”. 

                              ~ Joyce Matlock

The Centerpiece of our training that sets us
apart from all other "How-To-Sail" Trainings




For Beginners, Instructors, Sailing Directors, and

Those Wanting to Brush Up on Their Skills


  • Durable, Precision, and Professionally Manufactured 
  • Acrylic wheels and cutouts that spin
  • Duplicate the points of sail exactly with hands-on learning 
  • Make decisions exactly as if you are on a sailboat
  • Student 10" x 13" and Instructor 24" x 36" 
  • Personalization with your name
  • Centerpiece of our Online Sailing Simulator Course 
  • Fun, Useful and Valuable Education 
  • Student simulator is included with purchase of Online Course                                                                                                                                                             

"It's just like being on a sailboat making the decisions of where you want to go and how to set your sails to get there."                                               
"If your dream is to have freedom and a sailing lifestyle, all you have to do is start!"                                               



What is holding you back from becoming a great sailor?

Are you unsure in your mind exactly how to sail or what to do?

What are the circumstances that cause you difficulty and confusion?

A complete 35-chapter book that gives you a start-to-finish education during a typical full day of sailing using the points-of-sail simulator.

You will become involved with the storyline, the interesting crew on board, and your real-to-life learning experience. It sparkles with life while leaving lasting knowledge on how to sail a boat.



Online Sailing Simulator Course 


This course is the FIRST AND ONLY HANDS-ON, Sailing Simulator Course, on the Points- of-Sail known to us. 

Using the points-of-sail simulator, you will measurably improve your sailing skills  in 2- 1/2 HOURS!


  • 12-Module Online Course - Live Classroom Video - 2-1/2 Hours
  • Your Precision-Manufactured, Points-of-Sail Simulator
  • Your Simulator Guide Book 
  • Easy 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD taught by Joyce Matlock
  • Please check out our great reviews here and STOP YOUR CONFUSION!


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A Simple Explanation of How to Sail, that starts you on the path to your sailing education.  It’s a short, foundational overview on getting the boat ready and how to sail. 

  • You can learn how to raise the sails
  • You can learn how to move the sails from one side of the boat to the other
  • You can learn to steer the boat to where you want to go
  • You can then learn how to set the sails to the correct angle to the wind

This FREE eBook is not designed to teach you everything about how to sail,  however it is a good foundation to start your sailing education.