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What an amazing book! A whole lot of information is presented in a way that should not intimidate the beginning sailor be he or she blonde or otherwise. It is apparent the amount of work that went into this. It’s a good introduction to sailing with the terms and methods for a newbie to get out on the water. I found it to be interesting that the personalities onboard were so real and the love for sailing was, too. It is a wonderful way to learn how to sail in that it is presented in an entertaining way.


This book is both entertaining and informative. It is easy to understand for someone (male, female, blonde, brunette or redhead!) who has never sailed before. It explains basic concepts for anyone who has sailed before but was confused by the complicated concepts and terminology. The simulator gave me the understanding of how to sail that I did not have prior to using it.

Libby Miller

It is such a wonderful read! Very informative and interesting! Something I’ve never read before. I learned so much! Learning became so easy when the information connected to my emotions. I am marveled at not only your raw creativity, but your ability to tie fiction and nonfiction into a perfect little bow and open a beautiful gift from your heart to ours.

Taylore Garnett

After years of wanting to sail, I came out to PPYC in Nashville to a Learning at the Helm event held on Tuesday evenings. Joyce approached me, looked me in the eye and asked “Would you like to learn how to sail?” Of course I said yes and she started to explain the sailing concepts and points of sail in a way that made total sense to me. An hour later we were out on her boat and actually sailing! As we tacked and jibed, it all came together and I couldn’t believe how much I gained in such a short time. I have taken that knowledge and used it as my foundation to build on in sailing courses and just sailing out on the water ever since. Joyce helped unlock the mystery of sailing and is a huge part of the passion for sailing I have today.

Brock Downey

This book is very unique, educational and witty. I especially loved the Sail Knots and the Captainairisms, too! My book will be titled Sailing With A Blonde, And Other Nautical Humor! I loved sailing with you and you are so expert at it and I would not take anything for the fun we had. It was a memory that will last a lifetime. Who has been to the Bermuda Triangle and survived crossing the Gulf Stream and all the other fabulous things we saw! You are awesome and this book will be a best seller!

Judy Whitaker

This book took lots of hard work and dedication from an author who really wants you to learn to sail! Thank you.

Cindy Todd

 This course is great.  It teaches you not only what to do when sailing, but also why you are doing it.  I now understand how and why to set my sails.  Excellent.

Andrew Monk

 As someone new to sailing, this course was a great introduction to the sport.  The presentation was clearly articulated and the content was brought forward in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.  Highly recommended.  Rating – Excellent.

Scott Sumner

A great review as we are getting back on the water.  I can practice at home with the simulator for all points of sail.  Rating – Excellent 

Kathy Ware

Joyce, you make it simple to understand – thank you so much.  Rating – Excellent. 

Shari Shafer

This information is vital to becoming a better sailor.  Rating ~ Excellent-Very Good

Sheila Armstrong

Very helpful, entertaining and hands-on-approach with the simulator using simple terms for lay people.  The simulator is great to take home.  Rating ~ Excellent.

Patty Grissom

The simulator is fantastic.  It is very helpful in learning the Points of Sail.  It is an excellent course.  I know I will be taking your Sailing for Blondes Book with me to share with the instructor in Pensacola and brag on how you are an instructor and I have had some personal coaching from you.  Thank you.  Rating ~ Excellent

Carolyn Akland

I learned how to work with the wind to go places!  Keep presenting this awesome course.  Rating ~ Excellent

Philip Davis

I have been sailing for a few years, but never understood the points of sail.  I can now visualize setting the sails!  Rating ~ Excellent

St. Clair Blue

Very helpful in making the points of sail clear … thank you!  Rating ~ Excellent

Judy Brandon

This is the 2nd time for me to take this course.  The first time was a refresher (mini-version) of the course and I liked it better this time as there was more detail in the full course.  The simulator was great!  Rating ~ Excellent/Very Good

Linda Bengson

All the things I experience on a boat are all the things I learned in this course.  The information was easy to understand.  Rating ~ Very Good

Andrew Link

I would recommend this course to others.  I finally learned which side of the boat was starboard!!!  Rating ~ Excellent

Priscilla Andrade

I’ve sailed with several sailors, but with Joyce I learned more in one day about sailing, the sails and the wind than ever before.  I haven’t been able to get out on the water lately on my boat, but this course helped to rebuild my confidence.  Thank you for sharing this and your experiences.  Rating ~ Excellent

Melanie White

Loved this course.  It made it so much easier to understand.  The simulator is brilliant.  Rating ~ Excellent

Jeannie Ingram

I just began sailing and I will use this information to better understand it.  Rating ~ Excellent

Adam Henke

Stay awesome!  Keep your amazing vibes and positive energy and you will accomplish all of your dreams and things going on in your life.  

Daniel Brown

I learned when you are on a run, the sail/boom determines the tack so when the sail/boom is on the port, you are on a starboard tack.  Rating ~ Very Good

John Floyd

I found it easy to understand and it clearly changed my tactics on future sailing with my spouse.  Rating ~ Excellent

Christina Hellerqvist

This course made sailing more practical and way easier to understand than the one I took 8 years ago in New Orleans.  I would recommend everyone take this course … loved it!   Rating ~ Excellent

Adria DeLaune

Great job!  So much better understanding!  Rating ~ Excellent

Glenna Orr

Very helpful in making the points of sail clear … thank you!  Rating ~ Excellent

Judy Brandon

Excellent – Thank You!  Rating ~ Excellent



Connie St. John

Joyce makes it easy to follow and simplifies things as she breaks them down.  Rating ~ Excellent

Laura Webb

It was very helpful and practical and answered a lot of my confusion.  Rating ~ Excellent

Celeste Davis

The problems (scenarios) on the worksheet at the end of the course were very valuable.  Rating ~ Very Good

Ron Sanford

I now understand port and starboard tack.  It was very confusing prior to this course. ~ Excellent

Jay Rummage

I previously was on the water for one session with Joyce and then took this course.  I learned the sets of the sail that fit the course you are sailing with the wind direction.  Rating ~ Excellent

Brock Downey

One big thing I learned was identifying where the wind was hitting the boat!  Rating ~ Excellent

Brian Macdonald

I had struggled with learning these concepts so this course was great!  Rating ~ Excellent

Maddie Clarry

The Sailing For Blondes Method was how I learned to sail and this course is exactly what I know works.  ~ Excellent

Marlynda Augelli

Very good.  Rating ~ Very good and I would recommend this course to others

Kim Lee

Very good.  Rating ~ Very Good – I will use the course information to improve my skill level.  I would recommend this course to others.

Don Zirkle

Very good. The course length and pace was appropriate to the topic.  Rating ~ Excellent/very good

Jan Schweitzer

Learning the points of sail was very helpful. ~ Excellent

No Name on Review

Very well done presentation.  The value of the course for me was the concise way it provided the art of sailing to anyone with a desire to learn how to sail. The methodology of sailing, the various parts of a sail boat and using the simulator teaches the points of sail hands-on. I would recommend it to anyone with sailing aspirations. Rating ~ Excellent

Bill Kubin

Great class!  It was a bit overwhelming at first since I had no background experience, but it will make it easier for me as I learn more.  Rating ~ Excellent

Dee Young

Excellent.  Rating ~ Excellent

No Name on Review

The simulator is great!  Using it in real time also really helps. ~ Excellent

Phillip "Harrison" Jones

Very good.  Rating ~ Very Good

Eric Lott

Very good.  Rating ~ Very Good.  The course content was clear and easy to understand.

Debbie Bishop

Excellent.  Rating ~ Excellent

No Name on Review

As a newbie, it really started to make sense!  ~ Excellent

No Name on Review

Great experience with Captain Joyce during a LATH session.  We learned a lot and had fun.  Looking forward to the next time.  (All true)

Adina Cherry and Yukito Fukushima