The Points-of-Sail Simulator and the 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD sets us apart from all other trainings.

For Beginners, Sailing Instructors, and Brushing Up On Your Skills

Sailing For Blondes

The Book

The most  unique, step-by-step instruction book on the market         today. It is NOT dry or boring and the book  teaches seamlessly with the hands-on simulator.

(In both eBook and Print book)

The book and the 10 x 13 simulator are included in the Online Course. 

Sailing For Blondes

 Simulator Learning Tool

The leading edge, patent-pending, hands-on, Points-of-Sail Learning Tool, “THE SIMULATOR”, that develops personal understanding of how to sail.

10″ x 13″ for students

24″ x 36″ for instructors


The book and the 10 x 13 simulator are included in the Online Course. 

Sailing For Blondes

The Online Sailing Simulator Course

The Online 12-MODULE Sailing Simulator Course for men and women that prepares you to sail, USING YOUR TACTILE SAILING SIMULATOR and  without breaking your pocketbook!  

LIVE CLASSROOM VIDEO with Joyce Matlock and students using the simulator using the 3X3X3 METHOD.  See many reviews on this website.

The book and the 10 x 13 simulator are included in the Online Course. 


What is holding you back from becoming a great sailor?
Are you unsure in your mind exactly how to sail or what to do?
What are the circumstances that cause you difficulty or confusion?
When do you want to get over these insecure feelings and know how to sail?




It is simply a better, easier, AND faster way to learn!

The Sailing for Blondes Sail Training using  Joyce Matlock’s 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD is offered as YOUR IDEAL SOLUTION!

It is for MEN, WOMEN, BEGINNING SAILORS, SAILORS WANTING TO BRUSH UP ON THEIR SKILLS, and INSTRUCTORS wanting an easier way to teach their students the points-of-sail. 

It is a leading edge, 3-component, 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD for learning how to sail: 

  • 1. The Simulator Book
  • 2. The Patent-Pending Points-of-Sail Simulator, and
  • 3. The ONLY Online Hands-On Sailing Simulator Course

The 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD is based on THE BOOK, Sailing For Blondes, The Simulator Book, Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as “Good”, THE SIMULATOR  (HANDS-ON-LEARNING TOOL) and THE LIVE CLASSROOM VIDEO IN THE ONLINE COURSE.  

It simplifies learning to sail.  It is unique, different and uses proven learning theories that make it easier to learn. It keeps students engaged in interactive, engaging, and entertaining ways to learn to sail in the shortest, possible time.  For instructors and students.

Text, story telling, video presentation, hands-on-learning, transfer of existing knowledge and personal conversational involvement makes for an easier learning experience that meets you where you are!

The BOOK gives you a start-to-finish education during a typical full day of sailing and guides you through step-by-step USING THE POINTS-OF-SAIL SIMULATOR.  

Each chapter in the The Simulator Book is uniformly presented in three parts:  (1) the technical concept, (2) the fictional storyline, and (3) the conversational dialogue again, all with step-by-step instruction FOR the student.

We know the Sailing for Blondes 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD will open the door for many more people to learn to sail and ultimately grow the sport of sailing.  It will stop your confusion!  We are a new, small company striving to be an educational leader and we are committed to doing that in a personable, honest and innovative way.   

It is simply a better, easier, and faster way to learn!




Sailing For Blondes is NOT another technical-only sailing course OR, another technical-only sailing book that is offered by everyone else in today’s market.

Why the Sailing For Blondes 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD to Learn How to Sail?

What is holding you back from becoming a great sailor?

I’m sure it’s not the wind in your hair and the great experience sailing offers.  But, what are the circumstances that cause you difficulty or hesitation?  Are you unsure in your mind exactly how it works or what to do?  Now, you can achieve understanding, stop your confusion, and accomplish your dreams.  I teach new sailors and sailors wanting to brush up on their skills to understand how to sail.  


Are you unsure in your mind exactly how to sail or what to do?

Sailing For Blondes, The Simulator Book, Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as “Good” is a take off on the Dummies series of training books. It gives you the breakthrough to understanding you must have to sail a boat using a PATENT PENDING SAILING SIMULATOR to teach you the necessary points-of-sail.  Utilizing The Sailing For Blondes 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD, you will know how to set your sails for sailing any course. It is a unique hands-on-learning solution that makes it easy for your brain to create its own meaning and understanding of how to sail. We give you exactly what you are looking for . . . UNDERSTANDING and NO CONFUSION!


What are the circumstances that cause you difficulty or confusion?

This training is great for BEGINNING sailors who are confused by a lack of understanding of why and how a boat sails. It is also for those wanting to BRUSH UP THEIR SKILLS or for INSTRUCTORS who want a simple solution for explaining the points of sail to their students. Then too, sailors of all levels would enjoy using the simulator to teach their partners or new crew.

You will gain the conceptual knowledge that makes you strong when you are going against the winds or running down a glistening channel under full sail with friends. Be a part of the Sailing For Blondes Community and you won’t be disappointed.  And, it will not break your pocketbook!

When do you want to get over these feelings and know how to sail?

Our (1) book (2) simulator and (3) online course offer the three-part, hands-on learning solution on the points of sail. Sailing For Blondes will give you the desired outcome of complete understanding of the concepts necessary to sail a boat. Couple this understanding with practice on the water  and then sail to the envisioned world of your dreams.


Learning the points-of-sail is the most important thing you must know to be able to sail a boat.




Why Online Sailing Education?

The future of education  is changing from the standard bricks and mortar  venues to large pieces of education being taught online by dedicated and talented instructors, teachers and professors.

Time, convenience, quality of education, money, as well as no travel and lodging expense is driving students to excel in an online environment. Sailing For Blondes is on the leading edge of online sailing education offering you the conceptual side of sailing before taking your knowledge to the water.

You will learn twice as fast and twice as “good” by first mentally mastering sailing concepts prior to going directly to an on-the-water training that lasts for a few days to a week. In this way, you will get your money’s worth from your on-the-water course and/or have faster results when learning to sail with friends.

“Sailing is a learning process that continues forever; there is no end-point where the learning stops. The degree earned is in the wind you ride, the friends you make, and the deep impressions it makes in your soul.”  

                                                                                                          ~ Joyce Matlock





The Book
The 10" X 13" Points-of-Sail Simulator
The 12-Module Live Classroom Video
The 3 x 3 x 3 Method Taught by Joyce Matlock

This course is the most unique, step-by-step sailing instruction collection on how to sail that is on the market today. In the training, you will be taught the POINTS-OF-SAIL using the patent-pending, hands-on simulator that is the centerpiece of the 3x3x3 METHOD.
Please see our many great reviews of this course.  STOP YOUR CONFUSION!

(Normally a $187.00 USD Value)

Money-back Guarantee-Lifetime Access-See FAQ's

It is premium training at a modest price and it won't break your pocketbook!




  •  Community is important to us and we believe that our community is dependent on our values.
  •  We believe in giving you more than you expect and doing it with honesty and integrity.
  •  We believe in our simulator product and training or we would not offer it to you.  
  •  We want you to be successful in your training.  
  •  We give you a premium course at a modest price.  
  •  We guarantee if you do the work in the course and are not completely happy, just let us know and we will refund your money.  
  •  We love what we do and will give you all that we have.  
  •  We are student oriented and committed to your having a positive outcome.  
  •  What that means is we give you precise points-of-sail training that provides you the foundation to advance in your sailing ability more quickly and easily than if you go straight to an on-the-water course. Or, you will learn much faster whether you are learning alone or learning with friends.
  •  We will give you good quality at a good price and give you service before, during and after signing on.


 We are a new, small company striving to be an educational leader and we are committed to doing that in a personable, honest and innovative way.

"If it were not for the edge, where would we go?" ~ Joyce Matlock


This book is both entertaining and informative.  It is easy to understand for someone (male, female, blonde, brunette or redhead!) who has never sailed before.  It explains basic concepts for anyone who has sailed before but was confused by the complicated concepts and terminology.  The simulator gave me the understanding of how to sail that I did not have prior to using it.
Libby Miller

After years of wanting to sail, I came out to PPYC in Nashville to a Learning at the Helm event held on Tuesday evenings.  Joyce approached me, looked me in the eye and asked "Would you like to learn how to sail?" Of course I said yes and she started to explain the sailing concepts and points of sail in a way that made total sense to me. An hour later we were out on her boat and actually sailing! As we tacked and jibed, it all came together and I couldn't believe how much I gained in such a short time. I have taken that knowledge and used it as my foundation to build on in sailing courses and just sailing out on the water ever since. Joyce helped unlock the mystery of sailing and is a huge part of the passion for sailing I have today.

Brock Downey

This course is great.  It teaches you not only what to do when sailing, but also why you are doing it.  I now understand how  to set my sails and why.  Excellent.

Andrew Monk



What is holding you back from becoming a great sailor?

Are you unsure in your mind exactly how to sail or what to do?

What are the circumstances that cause you difficulty and confusion?

A complete 35-chapter book that gives you a start-to-finish education during a typical full day of sailing using the points-of-sail simulator.

You will become involved with the storyline, the interesting crew on board, and your real-to-life learning experience. It sparkles with life while leaving lasting knowledge on how to sail a boat.



The Centerpiece of our training that sets us
apart from all other "How-To-Sail" Trainings




For Beginners, Instructors, Sailing Directors, and

Those Wanting to Brush Up on Their Skills


  • Durable, Precision, and Professionally Manufactured 
  • Acrylic wheels and cutouts that spin
  • Duplicate the points of sail exactly with hands-on learning 
  • Make decisions exactly as if you are on a sailboat
  • Student 10" x 13" and Instructor 24" x 36" 
  • Personalization with your name
  • Centerpiece of our Online Sailing Simulator Course 
  • Fun, Useful and Valuable Education 
  • Student simulator is included with purchase of Online Course                                                                                                                                                             

"It's just like being on a sailboat making the decisions of where you want to go and how to set your sails to get there."                                               
"If your dream is to have freedom and a sailing lifestyle, all you have to do is start!"                                               


Get your FREE eBook

A Simple Explanation of How to Sail, that starts you on the path to your sailing education.  It’s a short, foundational overview on getting the boat ready and how to sail. 

  • You can learn how to raise the sails
  • You can learn how to move the sails from one side of the boat to the other
  • You can learn to steer the boat to where you want to go
  • You can then learn how to set the sails to the correct angle to the wind

This FREE eBook is not designed to teach you everything about how to sail,  however it is a good foundation to start your sailing education. 

Online Sailing Simulator Course 


This course is the FIRST AND ONLY HANDS-ON, Sailing Simulator Course, on the Points- of-Sail known to us. 

Using the points-of-sail simulator, you will measurably improve your sailing skills  in 2- 1/2 HOURS!


  • 12-Module Online Course - Live Classroom Video - 2-1/2 Hours
  • Your Precision-Manufactured, Points-of-Sail Simulator
  • Your Simulator Guide Book 
  • Easy 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD taught by Joyce Matlock
  • Please check out our great reviews here and STOP YOUR CONFUSION!