Sailing For Blondes Teaches  “How to Sail”  to Beginning Sailors and Sailors Wanting to Brush Up on Their Skills

A Leading Edge Three Component Method for Learning How to Sail


The Sailing For Blondes

3 x 3 x 3 Method

Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as “Good”


3   Components – The Book, The Simulator, and the Online Course

 Steps to Sailing  – Wind, Course, Sail Set

3  Steps to Setting Sails – In, halfway out, all the way out  

The 3 x 3 x 3 method tells you what to do every step of the way using the three components, book, simulator, and online course. 

This 3 x 3 x 3 method first breaks down sailing concepts into the three things a person must know to sail a boat, wind, course, and sail set. 

 The 3 x 3 x 3 method then presents three basic sail set guidelines  for initial understanding of setting sails.

The book, the simulator and the online course together tell you how to rig, how to hoist your sails, how to sail the boat on all the points-of-sail, right down to which line to release when and how.  Clear up your confusion, stop your intimidation, and begin sailing!

The purpose of the 3 x 3 x 3 Method is to make it easier than ever before for people to learn how to sail

The simulator makes it easier to learn because it teaches sailing concepts with hands-on personal meaning. It teaches you HOW AND WHY!


YOU can learn how to sail.
YOU can stop your confusion.
YOU can learn all the Points-of-Sail.

YOU can get the components separately or

get them ALL 

when you start the online course! 


If you choose to learn on your own,  Sailing For Blondes, The Simulator Book, will cover everything you need to know from boarding the boat, rigging, sailing, and returning to dock.

It is detailed sailing instruction written in an entertaining and engaging way with a storyline and step-by-step learning dialogue.

It is a companion to the hands-on learning tool, the simulator. that teaches you all the points of sail, how to set the sails, and why a boat can sail to a specific destination.


The Simulator is to be used with the book and the online course and is the centerpiece of the learning.  You can order the professionally manufactured simulator.  For maximum learning, get the online course that includes the simulator.

If you should choose to take an on-the-water sailing course, The Simulator will prepare you with your mental edge of understanding so you can get your money’s worth!





If you should choose to learn by signing up for The Sailing Simulator Online Course, your understanding will grow with the teachings of the author and developer of Sailing For Blondes, The Simulator Book Method.  

The BOOK, the SIMULATOR, and the ONLINE COURSE. are delivered as a package when you sign up for the online sailing simulator course.

THE 3 x 3 x 3 METHOD

By using the tools in
The Sailing For Blondes 3x3x3, Step-by-Step Method,

YOU can achieve a higher skill level.

YOU can sail with confidence.

YOU can also teach your partner.


You may purchase the book and simulator separately,

however both are included

when you sign up for your online course.

NOTE:  It is important to note that you always use the simulator when reading.
You may purchase a professionally manufactured simulator or there is a FREE downloadable simulator available on our website.

Why The Simulator Book Method Works

The method is made up of three components, the book, the simulator and the online course. Although learning will occur using any one component and optimal learning will take place using all three, the simulator should always be used.   An app is being considered for development, however we find more benefits with the tactile simulator as a learning tool.

The Sailing For Blondes Method closely parallels the constructivist teaching and learning theory developed by Piaget in 1977. The author has been intrigued with this learning theory that holds that a student cannot simply have knowledge poured into their brain by a teacher dishing out facts from the front of a classroom.

Learners must create experiences in their brain by actively discovering meaning. They will be able to do this with the experience of the hands-on simulator. Additionally, they will become involved in the active learning dialogue on the sailboat and in the storyline that brings sailing alive with real-life passion and human emotion.   

This method gives both direct instruction and experiential learning with the simulator and therefore offers a superior outcome for the student. Some things are repeated throughout the book as part of the reinforcement of learning. The online course gives in-depth understanding of the points-of-sail with instruction from the innovator of the Sailing For Blondes Method. The simulator reinforces learning and captures a learner’s mind with sailing concepts to keep the thinking part of his brain addicted!   

The simulator allows a student to take what they already know, that is “how to tell time”, and use that existing knowledge of angles to create a new understanding of “how to sail a boat”.

The simulator encourages a learner to experiment with the thought processes they need to learn in order to make the necessary alignments of wind, course, and sail set. Then, they can readily transfer that knowledge to physically sailing a boat on the water.

Learn the Points-of-Sail from the Method that will give you success!

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A Simple Explanation of How to Sail

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Sailing for Blondes


Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as Good!

Have you tried reading the technical Sailing instruction books that are like reading a textbook? Were they dry, difficult or boring? Would you welcome an interesting, effective and fun book that would guide you through the points-of-sail on your FREE simulator?

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Sailing for Blondes


Learn how to sail with Joyce Matlock. This course is the only hands-on sailing simulator course on the points-of-sail known to us. It is leading edge instruction so you will learn how to sail.

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More About the Method

Joyce Matlock uses proven teaching techniques that create personal experiences for the learner that enables the learner to absorb and understand the information presented. 

It is presented in a style that is unlike any other method for teaching sailing. The style is based on proven learning theories. Text, story telling, visual presentation, hands-on learning, transfer of existing knowledge and personal conversational involvement make for a learning experience that meets you where you are!

Online Sailing Simulator Course Coming Soon!

This course is the only hands-on, Sailing Simulator Course, on the Points of Sail known to us. It is leading-edge instruction so you will learn how to sail.


What is holding you back from becoming a great sailor?

Are you unsure in your mind exactly how to sail or what to do?

What are the circumstances that cause you difficulty and confusion?

"Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as Good!"


Great For Sailing Instructors and Their Students

The Sailing For Blondes Book and Simulator are exceptional tools for instructors. The large poster size instructor’s board with your customizable name, sailing school or yacht club name will be available soon. Your students will learn sailing concepts much faster using the simulator. The companion book guides you through the simulator. Student simulators are available in the 8.5 x 11 size. (The manufactured simulator instructor boards are currently under development however the FREE simulator can be downloaded)


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A Simple Explanation of How to Sail, that starts you on the path to your sailing education.  It’s a short overview on getting the boat ready and then sailing the boat.